November 28 2011

HP Tukwila Educational Event Recap

PageDNA Involvement 11:00 AM

Steve Enstad presented to a full room of NW Print Service Providers on Selling Beyond Price; "How to decommoditize print in today's competitive print market". He jumped right into the presentation of a series of successful Web-to-Print deployments by PageDNA customers, where PSPs helped their clients solve real business problems.

Interesting Panel Discussion 12:30 PM

After Steve's presentation, HP had three NW Indigo users sit in on a panel to discuss why they purchased their new Indigo 7500s. The panel welcomed the audience to ask unfiltered questions about the equipment, how they use the press in their shops, and their relative success in selling digital print with this piece of equipment.

The panel consisted of Orlando Boleda, President of Washington Operations with K/P Corporation, Dan Adkinson, President / COO of Wright Graphics, and Chris Mohn, Partner of Revolution. The overall response from the group was that short run, personalized color print was their biggest growth area, even if digital wasn't necessarily the largest component of their overall print sales. The audience got a good look at how Web-to-Print can play an important role in smoothly processes jobs.

InterlinkONE Presentation 1:30 PM

After lunch, John Foley, Jr of InterlinkONE gave a presentation on "How to Successfully Market Your Company and Brand".

John has written a book entitled Business Transformation - A new path to profit for the printing industry. John discussed the challenges of marketing for small and medium size businesses, including finding the time and resources to make it happen. He broke it down that companies need to make a plan that understands the channels, utilization of social media, and active participation.

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