September 4 2013

High-Volume Ordering

PageDNA continues to expand our platform, adding features that support large-scale ordering processes. This month, we are expanding our Distribution List feature—more information can be found here—adding more speed and accuracy to real-time shipping rates on these bulk orders.

With the ability for your user base to submit larger orders comes the potential need for more automation. Along those lines, one of PageDNA's best partners over the years has been OnPoint OnDemand. OnPoint has just rebranded to "Acceleship", which is a very accurate way to describe what they can do for you.

According to many of our customers, Acceleship is the best way to ship print orders from PageDNA.

When integrated with your PageDNA storefronts, Acceleship virtually eliminates manual key strokes when producing shipping labels for UPS, FedEx, USPS and DHL. It also communicates shipping information directly back into PageDNA thus triggering emails to end users, changing the status of a job and updating shipping costs.

To help you learn more about this integration, Jack Perry, President of Acceleship, will be joining me in an informational webinar later this month. During this webinar, we will tour the Acceleship platform and show how it integrates with PageDNA.

There will be two showings of the webinar and you are more than welcome to join whichever one best fits your schedule:

Wednesday July 29th - 7AM Pacific / 9AM Central / 10AM Eastern

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Wednesday July 29th - 11AM Pacific / 1PM Central / 2PM Eastern

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Both webinars will be hosted under the following GoToWebinar event:

United States : +1 (657) 220-3412

Access Code: 365-124-709

We made many other improvements this month that you can read about below. Next month we’ll be announcing our plans for GraphExpo. If you are attending this year's event, let me know so we can include you in our special plans!

-Steve Enstad

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