The history of PageDNA

PageDNA was formed by print and pre-press professionals in 1997 in Palo Alto California and is now headquartered in downtown Seattle, Washington.

Rooted in Commercial Print and Prepress

PageDNA was founded in Palo Alto, California in 1997 as an outshoot from a successful Commercial Pre-press company, Metagraphics. PageDNA's founders have over 100 years combined experience in Commercial Print, Pre-press and E-Commerce.

20 Years of Experience in Print E-Commerce

PageDNA has been working on the same technology continually, since 1997. Our customers range from the most high-profile brands in the world, down to startups - including some that become big things - including some of the largest names in Silicon Valley.

Looking over the Horizon

PageDNA actively maintains a product roadmap, documenting where we are and where we see the platform evolving as we continue to reinvest in PageDNA. Our Directors and Owners meet regularly with our customers and collaborate on solving some of the toughest problems at the intersection of design and technology. We look forward to working with you.

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