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What is PageDNA?

Print service providers understand that a digital supply chain is critical to their long term success, so choosing the right Web-to-Print provider is essential. PageDNA is an online storefront application built for the printing industry. We support common variable print applications, online quotes, file uploads, inventory, and fulfillment.

How does it work?

Create online stores to sell popular products like business cards and branded merchandise. Provide your customers with the convenience of online ordering while streamlining all the processes around each print order. Complete the procurement and production loops with integrations into your customer's systems as well as your own.

Why PageDNA?

The world has moved to digital screens to order everything and print is not immune to customers who want online ordering convenience and instant feedback on price, turnaround, and order status. For many customers, it's now more important how you sell - the online buying experience you offer - than what you sell.

Print must be sold in the context of new media.

- Dr Joe Webb,

Embracing Digital Screens.

The world has moved to digital screens — computers, tablets, and smart phones — transforming every industry including print sales and distribution. Newspapers, magazines, and textbooks have moved online. Websites have largely displaced corporate brochures and PDFs are emailed more often than they're printed. Yet, 20% of marketing budgets are spent on printing, and the Chief Marketing Office is slated to spend more on technology than the CTO/CIO by 2017.

Print & The Digital Supply Chain.

"How" you sell print is now as important as the products you produce. Print is no longer your sole product, rather, your digital supply chain, in combination with your products is what differentiates you from your competitors.

Forty-one percent of printing revenue is forecasted to be under managed print services (MPS) contracts by 2016.

- Wipro's Council for Industry Research / The Lead Response Management Study / Photizo Group

Growth of Online Ordering

In 2001, 3% of print was ordered online. Today, approximately 20% is ordered online, and by 2017 it is estimated that more than half of print ordering will be online. If you are currently receiving less than 20% of your revenue from online ordering systems, you may be falling behind the biggest trend in print.

Why Online Matters

If you think that turning around a quote in 30 minutes is fast you are losing business. An MIT Sales Study found that quoting jobs within 5 minutes - versus 30 minutes - gives a 21x greater chance of getting that order! Customers today are impatient because they know an instant quote is usually a click away.

Save time and money

Stop wasting your customer's time! Your customer's buying experience trumps everything else. The old print paradigm - price, quality, and turnaround - has been replaced by "Can I buy it online... now". The right web-to-print system will increase buyer satisfaction and save everyone time and money.

Managed print services

The era of selling jobs is coming to a close. Half of all print will soon be sold through contracts for managed print services. Your web-to-print platform is the moat around your service. Our customers have a proven track record of winning contracts with our platform at the heart of the implementation.